Pavadita Update

Just an update for all you Pavadita fans! I have had calls asking if I am now doing classes at Pavadita;


I did post previously so whilst you on Facebook will have seen that our Venue is closed until January, could I ask a favour that if any of you know folk that are not on Facebook you could let them know? I have emailed out too but some have bounced back as happens when emails cease or become redundant.


It is still frustrating for myself and the Pavadita Team but it is not our decision and is out of our hands.


We shall see what January brings........meanwhile, in the London area Club Corrientes, La Divina, Los Angelitos and others are now operating some classes and am sure they will keep you updated as to the regularity, dates etc., for pre-booked classes. Tracey and Leo of Tango Fandango - House of Tango have started down in Bournemouth and am sure all will post as and when.

Hope you are all well and coping with the lack of our lovely Tango!



15 SEP 2020

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