A pedestrian crossing connects Bridge Ave, on the north side of the A4, with Bridge View on the south side. Continue south to Rutland Grove and Pavadita is across the road to the right.

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This map shows the Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) for central Hammersmith.


PARKING is FREE on Sundays within the green , pink  and grey  zones. Parking within the blue  zones is restricted (please see below).

CPZ A (Riverside)  

Pavadita is located in CPZ A (Riverside)shown in blue on the map.

On Sundays, parking on a single yellow line is free. Please note, however, that there are only a limited number of single yellow lines in the zone.


Other than single yellow lines, this zone has restricted parking every day, including Sundays, between 08.30 am - 10 pm. A parking fee is payable within this period, for a maximum stay of 2 hoursNo return is permitted within 2 hours.

If you are coming to Pavadita only for the dancing, plan to arrive from 8.00 pm.

If you can find space on a single yellow line, the parking is free all evening.

If not, find a space in a Permit Holders location. You can then pay for a maximum of 2 hours parking and will be able to stay for the rest of the evening free of charge.


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Download the RingGo  app for easy payment.

Or pay by machine or phone (020 3292 9230).

Location code: 17745

Restrictions apply 08.30 am - 10.00 pm

2 hours maximum stay

Minimum stay half hour / 15 minute increments thereafter


Other Controlled Parking Zones 

All other Controlled Parking Zones shown on the above map allow free parking on Sundays. This includes CPZ A  north of the Great West Road (A4), shown in green  on the map, and all the zones shown in pink .

South of the River / Barnes 

There are no parking restrictions on Sundays south of the river in Barnes (CPZ B and B1), shown in grey  on the map.

Hammersmith Bridge remains open for pedestrians.

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