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    Hammersmith Bus & Tube Station (District & Piccadilly Lines) has two exits from the platforms into the shopping centre. If you are travelling from central London, the main exit is at the front of the train.

    Exit A

    1. Exit through the main shopping centre entrance and cross the road via the pedestrian crossing towards King Street.

    2. Turn to your left and walk towards St Paul's Church.

    3. Cross Hammersmith Bridge Road and continue on the left side of the road towards Hammersmith Bridge.

    4. Just before the bridge, turn right at Sri Sai Convenience Store into Rutland Grove.

    5. Continue along Rutland Grove.
      The entrance to the Hammersmith Club is on your left.

    6. Enter through the gate. The entrance to Pavadita is straight ahead.

    Exit B

    There is also a side exit from the shopping centre. However, this may not be easy
    to find if you are unfamiliar with the station.

    Exit C

    1. Alternatively, you can exit from the rear of the shopping centre next to Tesco. 

    2. Cross the road and turn to your right in front of the Hammersmith Apollo theatre.

    3. With the Apollo on your left, walk under the flyover to Hammersmith Bridge Road.

    4. Continue from Step 4 above.

    Going Home

    When returning to the station late at night after Pavadita, taking the blue route to Entrance/Exit [A] will keep you to the main road, rather than walking under the flyover.