Hope you are all enjoying the ‘new norm’ but still staying safe and respecting guidelines.


Thanks for all your enquiries; I'm keeping as many of you up-to-date as I can, but for now, we remain unable to give any kind of opening date for Pavadita.


Our venue is keeping all our dates for us but in reality, we will not be opening any time soon. Also, we have to observe the Government Guidelines, however frustrating that is. Some of us are more ‘risk averse’ than others but we all need to respect how each individual feels.


In normal times, Organisers have a responsibility to have a safe environment for our dancers, making sure venues are as clean as possible, let alone now with all that that would entail, but when we do re-open, it will be up to each and everybody to decide when to return to dance.


Meanwhile, still stay responsible, safe, enjoy the new found freedom and hope to see you all soon.

Nikki, Alan & Barry


Carlos Gardel & Rosita Moreno, 'Tango Bar' (1935)

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